Friday, 13 November 2009

Phone scam RAGE!!!!

I cannot actually believe that this has happened to me. A couple of weeks ago I bought a new phone on a contract (I have been on Pay As You Go forever) and was so excited as it meant I can blog as I go, tweet non stop and all sorts of WAP based fun. SO.. I purchased insurance in store and was happy with that, as the policy was very good, and I bartered them down to a very cheap price..
The next few days ensued and I totted off to Wales to see my lovely family, and I was sat in M&S enjoying a very nice camomile tea and some millionaire's shortbread when I see my phone is ringing. So I answer and the coversation runs along the lines that this was my phone insurer and they needed to check a few things. I was of course wary and expressed my concern as I had already done this in store and recieved my pack. Anyway I was put on the phone with this persons supervisor who in turn noted my concern and said, we won't be asking for your security code, Ok then so I confirmed a few things.

Anyway, later that day my sister called me and said that she was not able to send text messages to me, and this went on for about a week. She said that this started ever since the conversation with the phone insurance people...
Strange. Now, as I am moving to Manchester I am keeping a VERY keen eye on my finances and bank account as I am, well unemployed currently!! I saw that my insurance from the original company had gone out today, and thought - that's strange, I thought they changed their name?? So I looked at the standing orders/direct debits that were set up and saw 3 new ones. Mobile phone monthly payment, Insurance (as set up in store) and another one... cheekily then realised that I had been scammed and the nasty blighters and fooled me! Needless to say this has all been cancelled and I am getting my money back as I was totally mislead, but bloggers beware, when stressed, moving or ill don't be fooled into doing anything on the phone. Just hang up.

Julia x

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