Sunday, 27 December 2009

Christmas is Over

Afternoon all my lovely bloggers... how was your Christmas? Well I have had a great time my first December in Manchester, taking in the Christmas markets and going out many a Thursday evening with fellow bloggers Pretty Disturbia and Vixy_lix (please follow them on twitter!!)

I have been in Wales for the Christmas period with my family, and my mum and sister have been SO creative and have handmade most of the presents, including a really cool poncho/blanket (this will be coming with me to glasto 2010 I can tell you for sure!) and some gorgeous scarves and various bits of jewellery. You should check out their online shop for their range of childrens clothes, maternity wear and they up coming range of home furnishings....

I have been setting up my own online shop that you can take a look at Julia_Hearts_U for my range of felted oversize necklaces.. I will soon be adding my hatpins; which I have been wearing in my hair!!

Anyway, time to go peeps but I can quickly share with you that I have finally got a job!! Wayhey!!!

Talk to you later blogland

Julia xoxo

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Finally made it to Manchester!

So I have finally moved to Manchester... been here for a week now and I am loving it!!! A few old school friends from down South moved here a few years ago so I will be catching up with them in the week for some Northern Tipple.
We still have loads to move, but I did go and get all my knitting & crochet bits n bobs to keep me occupied.

I have started working on a 1920's cloche hat, when I have sewn it up (it's all knitted already!!) I will post some photos of yours truly modelling said hat.. it will of course be fabulous!!

On another note it was great to meet Leesa from Pretty Disturbia this week, I have to say she is absolutley lovely and incredibly stylish!! check out her blog Pretty Disturbia for her daily updates!!

Anyway guys n gals, this was just a short update - I am off to see my sister (you can see her blog on Pink Pumpkin Palace  for kidswear and crafts). Will update again soon xox

Friday, 13 November 2009

Phone scam RAGE!!!!

I cannot actually believe that this has happened to me. A couple of weeks ago I bought a new phone on a contract (I have been on Pay As You Go forever) and was so excited as it meant I can blog as I go, tweet non stop and all sorts of WAP based fun. SO.. I purchased insurance in store and was happy with that, as the policy was very good, and I bartered them down to a very cheap price..
The next few days ensued and I totted off to Wales to see my lovely family, and I was sat in M&S enjoying a very nice camomile tea and some millionaire's shortbread when I see my phone is ringing. So I answer and the coversation runs along the lines that this was my phone insurer and they needed to check a few things. I was of course wary and expressed my concern as I had already done this in store and recieved my pack. Anyway I was put on the phone with this persons supervisor who in turn noted my concern and said, we won't be asking for your security code, Ok then so I confirmed a few things.

Anyway, later that day my sister called me and said that she was not able to send text messages to me, and this went on for about a week. She said that this started ever since the conversation with the phone insurance people...
Strange. Now, as I am moving to Manchester I am keeping a VERY keen eye on my finances and bank account as I am, well unemployed currently!! I saw that my insurance from the original company had gone out today, and thought - that's strange, I thought they changed their name?? So I looked at the standing orders/direct debits that were set up and saw 3 new ones. Mobile phone monthly payment, Insurance (as set up in store) and another one... cheekily then realised that I had been scammed and the nasty blighters and fooled me! Needless to say this has all been cancelled and I am getting my money back as I was totally mislead, but bloggers beware, when stressed, moving or ill don't be fooled into doing anything on the phone. Just hang up.

Julia x

Thursday, 12 November 2009

We're on the Move

So, it's only a week to go until me and James head north to Manchester, I really cannot wait. The amount of stuff I have hoarded over the past 9 years of living in London however totally scares me... I have sold on eBay, donated to charity, given to family and free-cycled my little heart out and still there is absolutely LOADS of stuff!! So many clothes and shoes and craftiness I could open a store. Well perhaps a small boutique, but STILL!!
I can't wait until we finally get there and I can sort this lot out!
I'll blog more as the week goes on and watch this pile of boxes dwindle as we move them bit by bit!!

Julia x

Monday, 27 April 2009

Monday afternoon meanderings...

Hello out there fellow bloggers and blogees. It's that time of the week again and I am sad to say I packed my sunglasses in bag in vain... it rained and is miserable so wore my mac instead.
Bit of a headache but excited about the up and coming bank holoday weekend where I will be driving to Wales to see my family (nod to you pinkpumpkinpalace) and chill out with my boyfriend.
Why is it that I am 27 and still nervous about my tattoos and body piercings when I go home that I consider covering them all up? One of my lip piercings (I have 2) is quite sore at the moment so I am trying my best to let it heal properly - which does not involve removing (much to my fathers dismay I fear) but will make it more prominent to him.. oh the dramas..

x o x o

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Tuesday night and tired!

Hi all! Really busy day at work today. I conducted a supplier workshop on the 31st and 32nd floor in the Centre Point building central London... AMAZING view and what a beautiful day!I am too tired to write much more, but it was a great day and hopefully my job was made a lot easier!!xoxo

Monday, 20 April 2009

It really is the Monday night blues

Well it really is the end of a very long day in the world of clothes, test reports and all that. Having been off work poorly the last few days I have taken it upon myself to take a step back from work and to think more about what I want. I want lots of buttons and sequins and to embellish my clothes and yours and to take the world by storm...if only from a car boot sale in Dalston...what do you think? xoxo