Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Working Week..What to Wear?

Happy Humpday everyone! It's that time of the week again when I start to feel better as it's half way through and I know Friday is coming soon! I thought I'd take this opportunity to share with you some of my fave work outfits I have been rocking over the past few weeks...
Now as you all may or may not know, I recently moved to Manchester with my fiance.. and I only started back into the world of full time work a week ago!
My new job was to be working as a menswear garment tech...

I was very excited at this prospect as I have never really worked on menswear before and it mean I would have a whole department to myself to mould to my way of working!
Day one of boring job I wore a paisly sleeveless ruffle front blouse from H&M, long black jersey pencil skirt from and Animal print DM'sUnfortunately day one of new job proved to be totally boring and SUCH a junior position to what I should be at. I was not working on menswear but working on ladieswear again... but on a really small account. I was not a happy bunny and got in touch with another company that was interested in me.. I had the interview and GOT THE JOB! Whoop Whoop HURRAH!

So what I have learnt from all of this is that the purchase of some FIERCE uber sexy feminine clothes will not go unmissed in new job!
So to take you through the rest of the past weeks fave outifts! Another day last week I wore my new Dahlia dress (from with and black knitted roll neck jumper, yellow tights from River Island and I wore black patent 16hole DM's (it was still snowing so I needed to wear serious footwear).

For my interview for my latest position I had to wear something that showed I meant business... SO I wore a knee length leather skirt with eyelet detail from, Gold sheer knitted jumper from River Island, Green tights from and once again wore those Black Patent 16hole DM's; needless to say they loved my outfit and we talked about it for some of the interview.. you see when I worked at River I worked on the jumper, and likewise for the skirt (when I worked at!

So we come to today.. I have a bit of a chest infection making it's way through my lungs (I think that it's due to the snow and stress of the last week!) so I don't know about you, but when I am not feeling my best but well enough to get out of bed; I like to make a bit of an effort!
So I throw off my pyjamas and put together today's garment ensemble...

I started with tights from American Apparel (these always make me feel better as they give me one pink leg and one purple), added my new royal blue dress from Primarni, a little neon animal print bow headband from Claire's Accessories and Navy ballet pumps from Accessorize. I hate to tell you but I am sat at my desk with my parka on so I am not sure anyone will get to see the full fabulousness of today's effort, which is I am sure why I am sharing it with you!
Happy Humpday Blogland

Julia x

Sunday, 17 January 2010

New Year.. New Hair

So, I can't believe we already in 2010... Only 15 months until I get married!! I am still thinking of where me and my partner James will get married, but we are considering going abroad! I have already asked my best friends to be my bridesmaids, and all have agreed! SO EXCITED! I think the wedding will be 1940's themed, with Satin and simple yet strong cuts to the clothes.. I am going to work on a mood board this week with some ideas that I am having..

Ok so wedding thoughts to one side, and I'll bring you back to my hair... SO I started the new year with the same long dark dreadlocks as I had put in last August... Well only the first week in 2010 and they slowly started slipping out, one by one.. as is the problem with braided in hair extensions. I thought about what to do over the following few days and tried my own mini dreads for about 3 days before I realised that I could not do ANYTHING with them at all... SO I brushed out 6 months worth of matted hair and headed over to Tony & Guy and they cut it all off and gave me a fab asymettric blunt style and I dyed it black! They cut it exactly how I wanted it, and it means that I can grow it for my friends wedding this June (for which I am her 5th Bridesmaid) and for my own wedding next year! GOOD TIMES!
Anyone who knows me, will also know that I am very proned to multiple style changes, BUT with my big day firmly at the front of my plans, I shall stick with regular trips to the salon in order to get my dream 'do!!

It's all so exciting!!

Well, those are my Sunday night thoughts... I start a great new job a week tomorrow, and will let you all know how that goes!!

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