Sunday, 17 January 2010

New Year.. New Hair

So, I can't believe we already in 2010... Only 15 months until I get married!! I am still thinking of where me and my partner James will get married, but we are considering going abroad! I have already asked my best friends to be my bridesmaids, and all have agreed! SO EXCITED! I think the wedding will be 1940's themed, with Satin and simple yet strong cuts to the clothes.. I am going to work on a mood board this week with some ideas that I am having..

Ok so wedding thoughts to one side, and I'll bring you back to my hair... SO I started the new year with the same long dark dreadlocks as I had put in last August... Well only the first week in 2010 and they slowly started slipping out, one by one.. as is the problem with braided in hair extensions. I thought about what to do over the following few days and tried my own mini dreads for about 3 days before I realised that I could not do ANYTHING with them at all... SO I brushed out 6 months worth of matted hair and headed over to Tony & Guy and they cut it all off and gave me a fab asymettric blunt style and I dyed it black! They cut it exactly how I wanted it, and it means that I can grow it for my friends wedding this June (for which I am her 5th Bridesmaid) and for my own wedding next year! GOOD TIMES!
Anyone who knows me, will also know that I am very proned to multiple style changes, BUT with my big day firmly at the front of my plans, I shall stick with regular trips to the salon in order to get my dream 'do!!

It's all so exciting!!

Well, those are my Sunday night thoughts... I start a great new job a week tomorrow, and will let you all know how that goes!!

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