Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Twisto NW 2010

So, Here it is as promised... a fully fledged plan for Manchester Twisto 2010!! Day.. Saturday 27th Feb 2010...Place...MANCHESTER!!! I have looked around for a few things to do and the Roadhouse which is near the Northern Quarter and a short walk to Picadilly station has a wee gig on! A band called Eight Legs are playing.. here's the link Eight legs @ the Roadhouse it's a fiver in (bargain) and the roudhouse is always good for a laugh cos it's cheap n cheerful!! Loads of bars close so if we gt bored we can wonder off wherever!! What do you say twitterati?! Up for it?
Lorra Love.. Julia_hearts_U


Oh this is from Glasto Twisto 2009 xox

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