Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Tusday Night, Nearly Humpday

Evening all bloggerland! Can you believe it (I am sure you can) I've changed my hair AGAIN!! I have gone all pink and I am loving it for as long as it lasts!!
So Saturday was #TwistoNW.. A  little gathering of my more Northern Twitterati and it all kicked off at the Roadhouse! We had @Vixy_Lix, @Lexplex_, @Jimdnb, @LittleMarsy, @J_Lester, @RachaelHowarth, @LucyJaneHunt and me @Julia_Hearts_U! We also had some non-tweeties which we are still trying to convert!!
So the band was great (altough a lyric 'I was born in 1989' made me feel MEGA old), the company was fab and it was an all round good night! Stacey (AKA Little Marsy) came all the way from Leeds on her toddle - which was very brave and

she was lovely! I can't wait to hang out with her again! Once we all got thrown out of the roadhouse, we headed next door to a dingy cheap pub and stayed there (again) until we got thrown out!! At about 2am... We
decided to keep the night going ya know and we ended up in the Casino where we stayed until about 3am and I won some money! Hell Yeah!
 I am so glad I joined twitter as I have met so many ace people! One of the most recent amazing things (last year it was meeting @Vixy_Lix and becomming her bridesmaid this June) is that my good friend on Twitter @IrishSeaViking brought some of my twitter friends together on our Facebook Group #twistos, and asked
them all to help me in purchasing the most amazing vintage wedding dress that I had lost on Ebay.. They did and today Ade paid the money into my PayPal account and I am happy to say on Thursday Gabrielle is re-lisiting the dress for me as a Buy It Now and it will be mine!! And all thanks to Twitter... One Amazing Website for Social Networking and Forver Friends if you ask me..

Take care and keep blogging

Lots of love ...

Julia_Hearts_U (Yeah, YOU!!!)

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  1. oh that's so lovely!!! The power of twitter :) If I'd have know I'd have contibuted aswell as I saw the dress link when you posted it on twitter and it is BEAUTIFUL!!